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    • Industry-leading audit trail system.
    • International fashionable design.
    • ADA compliant telephone-style keypad
    • LED display for clear visible numbers.
    • Illuminated blue keypad.
    • Inside light for guest convenience.
    • Powered with 4 AA batteries.
    • Internal carpet.
    • Spring loaded door.
    • Easy outside emergent power supply by 9V battery in case batteries fail.
    • Easy mechanical key override in case safe fail.
    • Laptop compatible up to 17” (for model Guard 5GL).
    • Serviced by Smart Button Key.
    • Revolutionary locking system with double deadbolt mechanism.
    • Door-body integrated design for minimum crack between door and body.
    • Integrative solid steel bolt hingesfor maximum security and durability.
    Cyber Digit Classic 08


    • Smart Package: Be-Tech smart package helps you setup and service your Be-Tech Guard series safe in seconds. With the smart package you can even print a detailed 300-event log from the safe memory.
    • Smart Button Key: Be-Tech Smart Button Key is a compact and powerful electronic key to securely override Be-Tech Guard series safes. This allows easy day-to-day safe operations.
    • Outlets: Optional internal power outlet mounted on the inside door available on Guard 1GL, 3GL and 5GL for guest’s convenient of use (Universal).